We will not be having a club for the 2018 girls season.

Interest in a lower cost area club was not sufficient¬† ūüė¶

Oasis Mission



Oasis Philosophy

At Oasis Volleyball Club, we believe that mistakes are a part of the learning process.¬† We want to learn from them and continue to use them to increase your level of play.¬† Without mistakes, learning doesn’t happen!

With a growth mindset, we push the players to work on skills that they are uncomfortable in doing. We ask them to take risks! By increasing the level of difficulty in their skills, they will improve at a much faster rate than simply trying to master the easy tasks.  We expect that each player will not be successful every time when attempting a new skill.  We want to strive for higher success rates as time goes on.  You may only be successful 1 out of 10 times to start. So the next goal is for 2 out of 10 and so on.

Conditioning during practice is done for conditioning purposes, not as punishment.  Sometimes these are setup as games or ways to make a skill feel more game like.  Tournament days can be long and we want each player to be just as energetic in the afternoon as they are during the first match.


 We strive to create GREAT volleyball players by letting the game teach the game

There are very few times within a volleyball match that a player controls all the aspects of the play.¬† The ball is almost always in motion and being sent at different angles and velocities.¬† It is a game of angles and rebounds, only during the serve does a player get to hold onto the ball prior to playing it.¬† Players must learn to “read” the game and adjust to many different stimuli throughout a single rally, much less an entire match.


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